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The table below contains names of people, bands, and radio programs (soon also, organizations,) known to appear in the hundreds of pages within 492Cafe.org, and also, many that appear only in our unpublished archive.

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Sorting of band names is done by the kinda-sorta standard radio station library system Freeman learned at NPR.

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Agha, Aboud Arabic Singer  
Angell, Dr. Marcia Former Editor: New England Journal of Medicine US Health Insurance
Arredondo, Carlos Gold Star Father on Fire, Peace Activist  
Arredondo, Melida Gold Star Stepmother, Peace Activist  
Arroyo, Felix City Councilor, Boston  
Avery, Michael Attorney, National Lawyers Guild  
Bacevich, Andrew, US Army (ret.) Author, International Relations Expert  
Barakat, Rawan New England Committee to Defend Palestine  
Barnum, Billy Poet and Mime  
Barron, Charles City Councilor, NYC  
Batteries Not Included Radio Program aired on WMBR-FM  
Benjamen, Medea Founder, Code Pink  
Biletzki, Anat Professor: Tel Aviv University  
Bowen, Kevin Poet, Director: Joiner Center for the Study of War and its Social Consequences, Veteran for Peace (Vietnam)  
Bowman, Robert    
Bread and Puppet Theater See: Schumann, Peter  
Cafe of Shame Radio Program aired on WZBC-FM  
Caldicott, Helen Author, Founder: Nuclear Policy Research Institute, Activist  
Capaccio, George Voices in the Wilderness, Storyteller  
Capuano, Mike US Congress (D. Massachusetts)  
Chomsky, Aviva Author, Professor, Activist  
Chomsky, Noam Author, Professor, Linguist, Activist  
Cohen, Noah New England Committee to Defend Palestine  
Connolly, David Poet, Veteran for Peace (Vietnam)  
Conyers, John U.S. Congress (Dem. Michigan)  
Cornie, Steve Broadcaster: WZBC-FM , Sound Engineer: 492 Cafe  
Dark Bot Radio Program aired on WMBR-FM  
Downing, Bill Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition  
Farley, Chuck U. See: Rosina, Charles  
Farsakh, Leila    
Feinberg, Leslie Author: Stone Butch Blues, etc.  
Finkelstein, Norman Author: "Beyond Chutzpah", Critic of Israeli Policy  
Fisk, Robert British Reporter on the Middle East  
Foundation Movement, The    
Freeman Z See "Z, Freeman"  
Gage, Richard Architect, 9-11 Researcher  
Gagnon, Bruce Veteran for Peace (Vietnam)  
Galloway, George Founder: Respect Party, British Member of Parliament  
Gelbspan, Ross Author on Global Warming  
Gerson, Joseph Author, N.E. Regional Director of Programs: American Friends Service Committee  
Goldfinger, Marc Addict, Poet, and Survivor  
Goodman, Amy Author, Reporter: "Democracy Now" Daily News Program  
Goodman, David Co-Author: "Static" etc.  
Granny D See: Haddock, Granny D  
Grebe, John Host / Producer: Sounds of Dissent Program on WZBC-FM  
Greer, Evan Boston Riot-Folker, Anarchist  
Habash, Lana, M.D. New England Committee to Defend Palestine  
Haddock, Granny D Hyperambulatory Octageneraian Election Reformer  
Hanley, Bill Pioneering Sound Engineer of Woodstock 69, Engineer: 492 Cafe  
Harer, Brian Crooked Cop exposed and discredited by Freeman Z  
Harris, John Boston Area Activist  
Hassan, Raqib Sufi Dervish Jazz Saxophonist  
Hendrickson, Amy    
Hoague, Jim Ethan Allen Actor  
Honneger, Barbara Author: October Surprise  
Hugus, Richard New England Committee to Defend Palestine  
Hulett, Alistair Scottish Folk Performer  
Hicks, Gary Poet, Activist, Educator  
Hirschorn, Joel    
Hrones, Stephen Criminal Defense and Appeals Attorney  
Inbar, Ofer Righteous and Polyamorous Israeli  
Is It Jazz Original Music Band  
Iveram, Esther Journalist, Founder/Editor, SeeingBlack.com  
Jackson, Jesse President, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition  
Jake's Infernal Machine Boston area Band  
Jamail, Dahr Author, non-embedded Journalist on Iraq  
Jarrar, Raed Political Analyst  
Jones, Dr. Steven 9-11 Researcher  
Jubran, Amer Palestine Activist, Patriot Act Victim  
Juhasz, Antonia Author, "The Bush Agenda"  
Jurkowitz, Mark Ombudsman, The Boston Globe  
Keine, Ronald Innocent Death Row Survivor, Death Penalty Activist  
Kelly, Kathy Voices in the Wilderness  
Komisaruk, Katya Awesome Activist Attorney  
Layaali Arabic Music Band  
Lerner, Michael Rabbi, Founder: Tikkun  
Lessin, Nancy Co-Founder: Military Families Speak Out  
Mackinnon, Ian Actor, Writer, Activist, Candidate  
Manzelli, Jeff See "Z, Freeman"  
Manzelli, Doug Drummer, Whitecap, Geffen Records, Gary Lewis, etc.  
Marshall, Bruce Vocalist, Guitarist, Front-Man, Whitecap  
Maguire, Jean Director, Boston METCO  
Mahajan, Rahul Author: Full Spectrum Dominance  
Maxwell, David Grammy-Winning Composer and Blues Pianist  
McGovern, Ray Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity  
Meehan, Marty U.S. Congress (Dem)  
McKertich, Mark Boston 9-11 Truth  
Mejia, Camilo Conscientious Objector  
Miller, Ethan Riot-Folker  
Mochilla Arabic-Jaz Fusion Band from Brandeis University  
Moran, James U.S. Congress  
Most Merciful Thing, the Radio Program aired on WMBR-FM  
Murder Elite, The Boston Band  
Murray, Nancy ACLU-Mass, BPR, Gaza Menatal Health Foundation., etc.  
Music for Human Beings Radio Program aired on WMBR-FM  
Nader, Ralph Attorney, Consumer Advocate, Presidential Candidate  
Najimy, Merri Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee  
Naro, Anthony Attorney, Former Suffolk Law Student Organizer  
No Censorship Radio Radio Program aired on WMBR-FM  
O’Conner, Donna Marsh    
Page, Jim Singer Songwriter  
Peters, Cynthia Writer  
Pitt, William Rivers Author, Contributor: Truthout.org  
Polakov, Shachaf Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall  
Pourzal, Rostam Iranian Activist & Author  
Pratt, "Avenging" Andy Singer, Musician, Songwriter  
Radio with a View Radio Program aired on WMBR-FM  
Rafferty, Kevin Director: Atomic Cafe, Feed, etc.  
Reyes, Sergio Immigrant Rights Activist  
Richardson, Charley Co-Founder: Military Families Speak Out  
Roadsteamer, Robbie Rock Satirist, Front-Man: Sweatpant Boners  
Robinson, Stan Producer and Host: Truth & Justice Radio  
Rockefeller, Terry Military Families Speak Out  
Rosina, Charles Radio Producer:WMBR-FM, See "No Censorship Radio"  
Ross, Grace Activist, Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate  
Rovics, David Folk Singer and Jim Page Cover Artist  
Rushing, Byron State Senator, Massachusetts (Dem)  
Ryan, Kevin    
Scanlon, Pat Vietnam Veteran, Folk Performer  
Schumann, Peter Baker, Performer, Founder: Bread and Puppet Theater  
Shaheen, Simon Arabic Master Musican  
Shiva, Vandana Author, Activist (India)  
Shocked, Michelle Recording Artist  
Smith, Aimee Activist, Candidate, Militant Sexist  
Soldz, Stephen Author, Writer, Activist Psychotherapist  
Sounds of Dissent Radio Program aired on WZBC-FM  
Sounds of Music, The Italian Dance Band  
Stein, Jill, M.D. Activist, Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate  
Stewart, Lynne Civil Rights Attorney  
Sturken(?), Matt New York City Folk Singer  
Sundstrom, Bob Jazz Banjoist & Vocalist  
Supreme, Vermin Candidate for Galactic Dictator, Flying Monkey Dental Hygiene  
Swanson, David Founder: After Downing Street.org, Bush Impeachment Activist  
Talanian, Nancy Director: Bill of Rights Defense Committee  
Tambellini, Aldo Artist, Poet, Director  
Taylor, Jeffrey Historian, Lecturer  
This Week in Palestine Radio Segment aired on WZBC-FM  
Toure, Askia Poet, Professor, Activist  
Truth and Justice Radio Radio Program aired on WZBC-FM  
Turner, Chuck City Councilor, Boston  
Tutu, Desmond Revolutionary, Anglican Archbishop of Capetown, South Africa  
Venckus, Victor R. WZBC-FM Radio Personailty and Paranormalist  
Van Der Meer, Tony Professor of Africana Studies at UMass-Boston, Activist  
Watada, Bob Father of US Military Refuser Erin Watada  
Weinglass, Leonard Civil Rights Attorney (rep'd Maya Angelou, Abbie Hoffman, etc.)  
Weis, Dovid Israel Rabbi, Neturie Karta USA  
Williams, Chuck Singer-Songwriter, Veteran for Peace (Vietnam)  
WMBR News Radio Program (aired on WMBR-FM)  
Wunsch, Sarah ACLU-Mass  
Yancey, Charles City Councilor, Boston  
Zachary, Doug Veteran for Peace (Vietnam)  
Z, Freeman Head Anarchist in Charge: 492 Cafe  
Zinn, Howard Author, Hisorian, Veteran for Peace (WWII)