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Speaking Voices Alphabetically, by Name

George Galloway chomsky Robert Fisk Andrew Bacevich Janis Karpinski
George Galloway Noam Chomsky Robert Fisk Andrew Bacevich General Karpinski
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  • Anonymous Government "Spook" Confession, Regret, Warning
  • Arredondo, Carlos, Peace Activist who's son died in Iraq
  • Arredondo, Melida, Peace Activist who's stepson died in Iraq
  • Arroyo, Felix, former Boston City Councilor
  • Avery, Michael a legendary attorney and civil rights champion
  • Bacevich, Andrew -Author, International Relations Expert
  • Barnum, Billy Ancient Boston area Poet and Mime
  • Chomsky, Noam -Author, Linguist, Lecturer
  • Feinberg, Leslie
  • Finkelstein, Norman
  • Fisk, Robert -Unimbedded Middle-East Reporter
  • Galloway, George -British Member of Parliament
  • Gelbspan, Ross -Author, Authority on Global Warming
  • Gerson, Joseph -Author, Historian, Activist
  • Haddock, Granny D -Author: Walking Across America in my Ninetieth Year
  • Hendrickson, Amy -Boston Political Organizer
  • Jamail, Dahr
  • Jubran, Amer
  • Karpinsky, Janis -Former Commander of Abu Ghraib
  • Kelly, Kathy
  • Lerner, Michael -Author, Rabbi, Spiritual Progressive, Tikkun
  • Maguire, Jean -Executive Director, METCO Boston
  • Mejia, Camilo -Iraq War Veteran, Torturer, and Conscientious Objector
  • Murray, Craig -Diplomat, Witness to Bush Torture
  • Murray, Nancy -ACLU Educator
  • Shiva, Vandana -Activist, Author: Earth Democracy
  • Soldz, Dr. Stephen -Writer, Presenter: Psychodynamics of Empire
  • Toure, Askia -Pioneer of the Black Arts/Black Aesthetics and Africana Studies movement.
  • Turner, Chuck -Activist, Boston City Councilor
  • Venckus, Victor -WZBC Host and DJ
  • Z, Freeman (Jeff Manzelli)
  • Zinn, Howard

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