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A Special Message regarding Gaza under Seige

from Dr. Noam Chomsky

492 Cafe urges you to Support the Gaza Mental Health Foundation and to learn all you can about American involement in Palestine/Israel.

Dear Friend,

I am writing you today because hundreds of thousands of children in Gaza are suffering terribly following the recent Israeli attacks—paid for by your tax dollars and mine.

Even before this horrifying assault, there were tremendous shortages of food, medicine, electricity, and fuel because of the Israeli blockade that has been going on for nearly two years.

We must do everything we can to stop the immoral acts of the Israeli government and our own government’s political and financial support.

But right now, the children desperately need our immediate help. I’m asking you to make a contribution to the Middle East Children's Alliance to help meet the most basic needs of children in Gaza.

I am a founding advisor and supporter of the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA). For the last 21 years, MECA has been sending food and medical aid to children in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon—more than $12 million in aid to date. And MECA supports community projects to improve children’s lives in the West Bank and Gaza.

MECA’s Director Barbara Lubin just returned from three weeks in Egypt working to get aid into Gaza, and then four days in Gaza. She said, “I have been to Palestine many times over the last two decades, but never have I seen anything like what I saw this time. I will never forget the sadness, the smell of death, the destroyed homes, schools, mosques, and cemeteries.”

In the aftermath of the bombardment MECA delivered four tons of medicine for infants and children, an ambulance that’s outfitted as a mobile intensive care unit, several tons of powdered milk, 29 state-of-the-art wheelchairs, and a truckload of crayons, coloring books and paper to the children of Gaza and their families.

I am asking you, please, give whatever can possibly afford to help save the lives and ease the pain of thousands and thousands of children who are traumatized, injured, orphaned, and homeless.

Your contribution now will help:

  • Send more medical aid in the months ahead
  • Launch a major mental health intervention program for children in Gaza
  • Build water purification and desalinization systems in Gaza schools

Gaza is no longer on the front page, but I know you understand that the catastrophe is far from over for the children and families who are trying to survive and rebuild their lives under the most desperate circumstances.

Thank you so much for your support,

Noam Chomsky

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