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Whoa! Here's some critical Chuck T. News pretty much ignored by the corporate media who rushed eagerly to judge and gleefully to smear my man Chuck, in the service of the notoriously dishonest FBI (more...)

About Chuck Turner

Chuck Turner at poduim

He's bald, he's bold, he's black and he's bright. Chuck Turner is a true and rare People's Representative who stands tall among the Boston City Council.

He's being brutally and unfairly tried in the amoral corporate media and their carefully cultivated astroturf shills. But the people stand with Chuck!

492 Cafe fully supports Chuck Turner. We are saddened and disturbed to see him put in this position by an overzealous prosecutor with a questionable past and a racist political agenda, a prosecutor to whom local corporate press, (the same folks who've hounded Chuck at home,) have given a free pass. Corporates who ruthlessly tried Chuck on their torrid and vacuous pages.

In whose pages has appeared the fact of this prosecutor's past includes the infamous "Plymouth 25" case? ...A White and Christian Supremacist prosecution ...which he rightfully lost, but in the process, causing harm to the innocent and wasting taxpayer's money.

Perhaps the Herald, Fox "news" and their kind are afraid to pursue the prosecutor for fear of upsetting their apple-cart of business interests. Is that what FREE PRESS means?

The Prosecutor will most likely lose his case, but with corporate media complicity, he may win the war to take down Chuck through the legalized slander of a Government Frame-up.

Please take a moment to confront this darkness. Examine the facts. And, If you agree, then please join us as and...

Stand with Chuck!


Chuck T. Recordings by Freeman Z

Chuck Turner speaks at Faneuil Hall with George Galloway (8:25)

Chuck Turner speaks about Massachusetts MCAS testing beside State Representative Byron Rushing, METCO Director Jean Maguire and Others. (4:00)


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Chuck T. Roxbury Rally Video -by Freeman Z

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Chuck Turner at poduim


Innocent by Default
...It's an American Value
...It's The Law

A crash course in spotting frame-ups.

Boston Remembers:

FBI Protected Whitey Bulger.

Peter Limone: The courts found that the FBI framed the innocent Limone from their notoriously corrupt Boston office.

His family won a hundred million dollars, (under appeal by the brazenly corrupt F.B.I.) but Peter lost thirty years of his freedom.

Here's the story



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