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WZBC Newton/Boston 90.3 FM

Cafe of Shame 2008

(as Live Performer)

I went for a walk on the intertubes and learned more about the Dandy Man. I read about Christopher Lydon and I found out that the WZBC program "Cafe of Shame" has mocked me yet again.

I had posted a self portrait with two heads, something I named "Diptych Autistych," which I intended as a personal introspection into my relationship with Asperger's... more

Sounds of Dissent 2005 - 2010

(as Reporter-Producer)

Truth and Justice Radio 2005 - 2010

(as Reporter-Producer)

Benjamen Walker's Your Radio Nightlight 2001

(as improvisational Voice Actor)

Before "The Theory of Everything" Ben Walker produced another Surrealistic Radio Docu-Drama called "Your Radio Nightlight" Freeman appeared in an outrageous episode called "The Night."

Hear "The Night" (60:00)

Lucid Sounds / Expanding Awareness 2005 - 2010

WMBR, Cambridge, 88.1 FM

No Censorship Radio 2003 - '04

(as Reporter, Segment Producer, Studio Guest)

Produced several pre-recorded news reports from Boston, Cambridge, Manhattan, and Washington D.C.

WMBR News 2004

(as News Reporter, Producer)

Produced several pre-recorded news reports for this local news program.

Music for Human Beings 2006 - 2010

(as Live Performance)

Frequent participation on fanciful new-age program.

The Most Merciful Thing 2006

Darkbot "Music for Lonely Robots" 2006

(as Contributor)

Programmed a Brautigan poem for Dark Bot. (1:15)

Radio with a View 2008

As a gadfly in the ointment of mediocrity, Freeman questioned WMBR's very questionable practice of selling air time. The host admits the station's quid pro quo (air for money) policy twice before denying same.

WBRS, Waltham,100.1 FM

Alphabet Soup 1990 - '93

(as Program Host)

Freeman produced this childrens' program for three years. ...Played lots of Bill Harley ...and you should too!

Quality Time 1990 - '93

(as Executive Producer)

Freeman: "I produced this talk program for several years. It featured the participation of Brandeis students and local school-age boys and girls on both sides of the transmitter. We exposed Fat Jack Burns' abuse of students in the Waltham schools, and I'd often get an escort to the Waltham border courtesy of the Brandeis Police. Maybe that was because of the threats on my life by a sleazy campus Republican or maybe it was something else entirely."

What's Left 1990 - '93

(as Artiste-Producer)

This was a creative and truly anarchic multi-studio ray dee oh extravaganza.

All Genre All Night 1990 - '93

(as Artiste-Producer)

Anything goes. Live calls and interviews, any style of music, triple-turntable vinyl orgies, open reel tricks, cart machines on acid. And sometimes I just played music.

The Joint 10th Anniversary Celebration 1993

(as Live Performer)

I only played once on The Joint. This was a live performance of glass-smashing with hammers accompanying Jazz Drummer Lawrence Cook, radio guru Chimpy Tonearmeau and friends.

WMFO, Medford, 91.5 FM

No U Turn Radio

(as Contributor, Substitute Program Host)

The late Dean Wallace hosted this program founded by Martin Voelker. No U Turn Radio featured "corporate-censored" type news, lectures and reports. A parallel program also created by Voelker on wzbc fm was later renamed Truth and Justice Radio.

Free Of Form Radio (with Chuck U)

(as Contributor and In-Studio Guest)

Allston-Brighton Free Radio (defunct)

The Allston Curmudgeon

(as In-Studio Guest on policy and law, FZ field recordings aired)

The Round Table

(as In-Studio Guest on local environment/wildlife issue)

WERS, Boston, 88.9 FM

Dispatches From The Future 2004

(contributed actualities)

L. N. was one of the first DJs to mix early Freeman Z field recordings from the front lines of dissent into FM music programming. Meanwhile, Neita Michael was airing FZ's actualities on home-burned CDs over at WZBC. Michael played roots rock rasta reggae, the bible and freeman z.

Annoyed with wers, my connection L. N. did a neat late night Sand Man styled swan-song show. Traditionally this happens when a bitter DJ spites the boss by poisoning, or even cleansing, the air. He dedicated the suicide show to the guys at the Billerica House of Corrections and to yours truly, his humble field recordist from the outside world. He proceeded to rail against station's bad attitude and 'banal' programming, then, pointing out that "banal rhymes with anal ...which is where this station belongs...up my ass! ...WERS and Emerson 'U' ...Get over yourself!"


Tavis Smiley

(as field recordist)

Recorded Howard Zinn at his home for national broadcast. (More Freeman Z projects with Zinn.)

Whadya Know? (Nationally syndicated Comedy Quiz)

(as quiz contestant)

FZ on Whadya Know?: Four Legs Good...



(as engineer)

Freeman Z recordings (including Noam Chomsk) have aired on Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting's (FAIR's) nationally distributed program Counterspin.