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Sounds of Dissent with John Grebe

Saturdays 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on 90.3 FM WZBC in Boston.

Since 1998 John Grebe and crew have brought innumerable brilliant voices to the Boston airwaves. Too seldom we hear in the major ad-driven corporate news media, the critical thoughts and facts necessary for a functioning Democracy. While no one honestly claims to have "all things considered," even our public broadcasting institutions have come to reflect their most privileged listener's interests. As they mine the wealthiest listener demographics and sell their corporate sponsorships, they are caused by market forces distort the news. As they take Government money, other things happen.

Providing Honest information: Locally and globally, people are making news systems independent of the failed advertising-driven model. Sounds of Dissent, with John Grebe, presents live interviews with the brave few who have told the truth about global warming, US policy and social issues and more. Corporate Media-Maligned US Marine and Chief Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter told Sounds of Dissent that Iraq had no WMD, and the corporate press discredited him. Other profoundly honest guests on the roster include Greg Palast, Robert Fisk, Vandana Shiva, Dahr Jamail, Ali Abunimah, and hundreds of others.

John Grebe and I have recorded a bunch of fascinating people for WZBC Radio. John's people skills are demonstrated in the Sounds Of Dissent guest list. It was his ability to catch and interview some of the most important (...and corporate-media-censored!) people in the world that first drew my attention to the program.

I was hearing Middle East Reporter Robert Fisk, Chief Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, and innumerable other people who should be featured on the big news daily ...because they tell the truth.

John Grebe Soldering an electical connector

John services recording gear at 492 Cafe before a trip to Palestine

While the facts they related have been proven correct, the self-interested corporate liars who banned or maligned such good souls from our nation's airwaves keep up the blockade, inviting the liars back to the air, time and again, and asking them in submissive tones, to lie to us some more, while sources proven accurate are still stifled and maligned.

This scenario is precisely what, in my youth, we were told was wrong with the media in other countries.

John's work provides honest information essential to our survival. It's up to each Amercian to make the choice...

Honest Truth...or Corporate Lies.

-Freeman Z

Recording...How Hard Can it Be?

A lot of folks seem to think that sound production is a simple matter of placing a recorder and pushng a button ...until they're face-to-face with a mixing board or a serious digital editing suite.

"All that matters is the sound. Listen and you'll see why we work so hard!" -Freeman

Why the extra effort? Well, live events are, above all, unpredictable. If we choose a single microphone placed to record the audience applause, we might regret capturing the kind soul who provides unexpected accompaniment to a Chomsky speech with his own "voice: ...a half-pound bag of potato chips.

The Audience Matters: Recording the audience response is crirical to capturing the mood of an event. This is why we record in glorious, laborious multitrack. The Protools professional multichannel system allows each speaker to be recorded separately, especially helpful when one of them interrupts, or makes noise. It allows a lively stereo recording of the audience...so you hear the applause, the laughter, the hisses, and maybe even some relevant interruptions...it's all in the editing.

What you won't here is the slob crackling and crunching the half-pound of potato chips.


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