492 Cafe gear list (2005)


The SoniKart...

A Nimble and Versatile Mobile Sonic Workhorse.

Serves as a fully featured audio workstation for mixing bands and recording.

Note: The SoniKart is frequently updated. Current configurations usually drive a pair of JBL speaker cabinets or a combination of high-powered horns up to 20" in diameter. Pictured below is an obsolete version, see our SoniKart page for more photos, details and updates!


Digital Work Stations

  • Macintosh G4 (1.2GHz.) running Digidesing (Avid) ProTools LE editing system
  • Macintosh G4 (Dual 800MHz.) for video production


Analog/Digital Converters

  • Digidesign Digi 002 (Rackmount) 8-channel ADC/DAC (24 bit @96KHz)
  • M Audio Delta 1010  8-channel (Breakout Box) ADC/DAC (32 bit @96KHz)
  • M Audio Delta 1010-LT  8-channel (PCI) ADC/DAC (32 bit @96KHz)


Mixers, Preamps

Direct Boxes

Digital Recorder

Analog Tape

  • Teac A-3440 4-channel, 1/4" X 10" Open Reel Deck w/simulsynch
  • Nakamichi 680ZX Stereo Cassette Deck

Digital Audio Tape

  • Sony TCD-D10 Pro DAT Recorder

Power Amplifiers

  • Hafler 500 (FET/CMOS class A/B, 500/800 Watt (manual)
  • Hafler 5000 pro (FET/CMOS class A/B, 500/800 Watt

Equalizer/Real Time Analyzer

Dynamics Processors


  • (2) Polk SDA-1 "Stereo Dimensional Array" (modified)
  • (2) Behringer 2031A Truth Active Cabinets (Manual)
  • (2) JBL JRX-115 PA speakers with tripod stands (Manual)


  • (1) AKG K-240 (closed back) (Manual)
  • (1) AKG K-44
  • (3) Behringer HPM1000 (closed back)
  • (1) Behringer HPS3000 (closed back)
  • (1) Behringer HPX2000 (DJ style, open-back, reversible cups)

Headphone Amplifier

Stage Snakes

  • 50’ 24 channel XLR w/stage box
  • 50’ 8 channel XLR w/stage box


  • Furman PL-8 II Power Conditioner (Manual)
  • Mic Stands, Booms, and Cables