Live Sound Reinforcement, Audio and Video


"Jeff...You do good work!"
- Howard Zinn
"...Editing (of my speech) was simply brilliant."
- Dr. Stephen Soldz
"I've known (Freeman) for years.
...I don't think he's a nark...." - David Rovics
"A genuis with Home Depot lights." -
- Paul Payne


Recorded Talks




492 Cafe Is...


Boston Common Student Rally Sound runs entirely on batteries.

-Boston Common: 492 Cafe's battery powered system featured a 16-channel console and JBL loudspeakers.

Hear it in action --->
(Video: FreemanZ.)

That's Boston's new Police Commissioner, William Evans. His predecessor was Ed Davis. At a rally in 2006, Ed was responsible for the illegal seizure of the 492 Cafe "SoniKart" rolling sound system in use by the Bona-Fide Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross. Boston Municipal Court ruled against Davis.


Live Sound Reinforcement Job and Broadcast Recording:

Noam Chomsky Speaks on Obama!

-Arlington Street Church, Boston: 492 Cafe worked with Democracy Now cameraman Robbie Leppzer, Christopher Lydon, (The Connection, Radio Open Source, etc.) CCTV Cambridge and Z-Mag while managing sound and recording this, Chomsky's first post-election talk. Here's the Report. ...It's even worse than you thought!

Facts about Obama's Cabinet!

Photo: Radio Free Maine

Cristopher Lydon and Suren Moodliar stand by
as Freeman Z affixes Dr. Chomsky's microphone.


Anti-Discrimination Award

-Boston: Steve Cornie and Freeman Z are recognized by ADCMA for work on the WZBC-FM program This Week in Palestine, hosted by Sherif Fam.


Outdoor Sound Reinforement:
Boston Common Peace Rally

-Boston Common: Our biggest gig yet, a peace rally on Boston Common. Hanley Sound assembled the 12-foot speaker towers we used to deliver 3,000 Watts of crisp and clear music and speech for two thousand peace-lovers ...while keeping the stage area comfortably quiet. Guests included Pat Scanlon (shown,) Chuck Turner, Joseph Gerson and many others.




Evan Greer Recordings
(Sacco-Vanzetti memorials and more)

Four Videos from the
One State for Palestine/Israel

Joiner Center and Trans-Arab Research Institute

-Participants talk about the two-day conference at UMass on a One State Solution for all of Palestine/Israel.

Ali Abunima, Founder: Electronic Intifada


Principled Reisistance to the Israeli Occupation

-Noam Chomsky, Palestine scholar Leila Farsakh and Israeli activist Shachaf Polakov discuss the Israeli occupation and the Siege on Gaza.


Rock and Roll Sound Reinforement:
Stop The Wars -Halloween Party

-Chinatown/Boston: 492 Cafe managed sound for Stop The Wars Boston's Halloween fundraiser party at the Encuentro Cinco organizing space, featuring the funkulous Five-Piece Band Bojah and the Insurrection.


Mobile Sound Reinforcement and Recording:
Sacco & Vanzetti Remembered

-Boston: For the third consecutive year, 492 Cafe provided loud and clear mobile sound solutions for the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society's annual rallies and march through Downtown Boston. Speakers include City Councilor Chuck Turner, Dorotea Manuella, Sergio Reyes and others. (Listen)


Mobile Sound Reinforcement and Recording:
From Iraq and Afghanistan Back Home to Dorchester -A Community Responds to the Wounds of Violence

-Dorchester/Boston: 492 Cafe provided pro-bono sound reinforcement for this Dorchester People for Peace event with a surprise visit from our favorite poet by far, Veteran for Peace David Connolly.


Recording Assignment: Tavis Smiley Show; Zinn Interview

-Newton: Freeman Z records Howard Zinn at his home, sparing him a studio visit (for the Tavis Smiley Show.)


News Segment:
Boston Pelosi Protest

-JFK Library, Boston: Dissenters risk arrest to give Nancy "impeachment's off the table" Pelosi a piece of their collective mind. Hear our Radio Report for a glimpse at how little Americans' rights are by this Democrats ic Party leader!


Democracy Now's Amy and David Goodman

-Jamaica Plain: Responding to a stage snafu, Freeman Z slaved over a hot digital editing workstation to carve up this little gem of a piece of David's inspirational stories, including the government-censored struggle of Librarians prosecuted under the Patriot Act.


Live Sound Reinforement and Recordings:
Gaza Emergency Relief Fundraiser

-St. Peter's Episcopal, Boston: This highly successful benefit for the Gaza Mental Health Foundation featured an impressive 7-piece Arab-Jazz Fusion Brandeis Student Band, "Mochilla"


Acoustic Artillery

-Freeman Z was invited to help evalute sound equipment for The Smedey Butler Brigade, a local chapter of the national Veterans for Peace.

"The Smedleys," says Freeman, "need a self-contained, portable PA system for their public events. So we took a prospective unit out for a test drive, to see whether it's right for their needs. There's a lot to consider. ...We're dealing with concepts of acoustics and numbers. But the bottom line is, if it sounds good, it is good!"


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